Maine’s three major newspapers all support voting
NO on question 1

The Bangor Daily News, Portland Press Herald, and Lewiston Sun Journal agree: Question One is bad for Maine businesses, residents, and the environment.

It Gives Politicians
Retroactive Power

Question 1 is written to give politicians retroactive powers, to apply new laws and restrictions to events that happened in the past, as far back as 2014. Projects that have already been approved, started, or even completed could be undermined or overturned. This means the legislature can change its mind at any time in the future and reverse decisions or approvals, leaving you responsible and holding the bag.

If Big Oil & Gas Win,
We All Lose

Follow the money and you’ll find Big Oil and Gas companies have paid millions to put Question 1 on the ballot in November. By giving retroactive power to the legislature Big Oil and Gas will be able to block renewable energy projects for generations — ensuring their profits are safe from competition — allowing them to make billions generating dirty energy.

It Blocks Future
Clean Energy Projects

Right now, Maine has a contract to receive 500,000 MWh of clean, renewable hydropower. Question 1 blocks this, depriving Maine of enough clean energy to power 70,000 homes at a below market price. Question 1 gives politicians the power to stop clean energy projects for generations.


Question 1 reads like a legal disclaimer written by lawyers because not everyone wants you to know what it really means. It gives politicians the power to impose new laws and restrictions retroactively, undermining faith in Maine, its economy, and drastically slowing job growth. Question 1 sets a dangerous precedent that puts the rights of individuals and businesses in Maine at risk.

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